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We have the experience and expertise to help you develop a site waste management plan to reduce both the volume and cost of your waste

Environmental Management

At HardHat one of our main company objectives is to ensure we are environmentally friendly in every way possible. This is apparent in our tailor-made environmental management solutions. Our team will carry out a waste audit to support your business model and the demands made on it and react quickly and efficiently to the priorities of your organisation.

Our strategies ensure your environmental management solution deliver maximum cost and tax benefits, whilst meeting full legislative and CSR. With concern for the environment paramount and top of business agenda HardHat understand that finding the right waste solution is vital.

We have the experience and expertise to help you develop a site waste management plan to reduce both the volume and cost of your waste. Some of the services we specialise in are:

  • Waste recycling services.
  • Hazardous waste services.
  • Hazardous goods training.
  • Hazardous waste registration.
  • Packaging waste services.
  • Battery collection and recycling.
  • Dust monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

As part of our environmental services we also offer construction sites the ability to monitor, measure and control boundary environmental effects over the full length of a project. Using Data Stations to measure noise, vibration, weather and aerosol that allows us to cover almost every data collection application with a practical and cost effective system that will meet each clients needs.

Construction sites need to monitor, measure and control environmental effects over the duration of a lengthy project. Using HardHat’s Environmental Monitoring Terminal client have the capability and measurement functions and performance provided by our system. Services include:

  • Semi Permanent Monitors
  • Installation, Service & Maintenance
  • Recalibration
  • Data Collecting & Hosting
  • Automated Trigger Alerts

The Environmental Monitoring Terminals allow users to save time and money by avoiding going to the installation to collect data obtained. We provide:

  • On demand and automatic data download
  • Real-time measurement and monitoring
  • Real-time alert and alarms
  • Remote system configuration
  • Fully supported connection and media protocols including GPRS/3G, Wi-Fi LAN Zigbee

Our Environmental Monitoring Terminal is designed for processing data from Noise, Vibration, Weather and Aerosol instruments. Additionally, the terminal provides a reporting tool which allows any combination of data to be placed on a report. Project Functionality easies the management of data stored and gathered across given measurement activity, like measurement data, calculation results, views, photos, graphics, pictures and report templates.


  • Easy access of measurement data to PC
  • Wide data export options
  • Presentation results: text, table and graphic information
  • Advanced customisation of each view Creation of measurement set-ups
  • Merging of measurement files
  • ASCII format for easy development of user’s customised application
  • Advanced dedicated modules for Environmental Measurements
  • Unattended monitoring systems
  • Health & Safety Building acoustic measurements
  • Sound & Vibration measurements
  • Data analysis and recalculations
  • Acoustic Calibration Detection
  • Multi-frequency Charge Injection Check (CIC)
  • Aerosol measurement
  • Direct field reporting
  • Whether Measurement
  • Weather reports
  • Advanced reporting

Delivery Management

HardHat’s online Delivery Management system enables the easy booking of deliveries and resources such as cranes, and allows the recording of information when they arrive. Subcontractors can pre request a delivery slot and resources, which is then reviewed and approved by site, with full notifications.


  • Clear visibility of available booking times and site resources.
  • Ability to enforce subcontractors to view traffic management plan before being able to request a booking
  • Log of expected deliveries allowing sites to manage their site vehicle movements efficiently.
  • Prevents the double booking of time slots.


  • Intuitive, calendar based management of booking times and site resources.
  • Log deliveries on arrival and departure.
  • Role based permission access.
  • Amend, copy and delete bookings within pre defined time constraints.
  • Delivery information visible to all users on site or remotely.
  • Deliveries can be entered rapidly by type: materials, contractors, hauliers etc.
  • Visibility of key equipment, delivery points, cranes, hoists, loading bays etc.
  • Synchronise with Access Control to reduce double entry.

Carbon Reporting:

The information logged through HardHat’s Delivery Management tool can be reported in its own right, or used by the carbon reporting suite to compute CO2 emissions data necessary for BREEAM reporting.

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