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Our site team is able to provide nutrition for operatives on sites from 100 to 1000 operatives

Onsite Catering

Our site team is able to provide nutrition for operatives on sites from 100 to 1000 operatives.

We specialise in providing services to HardHat environments offering a menu including hot and cold items. We provide a wide variety of meals, snacks and vending machines options. Enabling you to ensure you are providing your workforce with a healthy balanced diet.

Our bespoke service enables us to offer advice on kitchen/canteen specification to ensure the most appropriate method of distributing food and drink to your employees. We aim to ensure it is a pleasant environment for all workers alike.

Our employees are all fully qualified and have continual training to meet industry standard regulations.

We believe that high standards of hygiene and general cleanliness in the preparation and service of food is paramount.

Before arriving on site we obtain all necessary licenses and permits from relevant agencies.

Managing congestions during peak periods
  • Agreed waiting time
  • Longer opening hours / night work availability
  • Resource planning with onsite chef
  • Vending facilities
  • Trolley Service for Management
Discounted breakfast to encourage staff to site early
  • Early start
  • Improve productivity
  • Happy team

Grocery Service/Food Supplies

We understand the need to be flexible when catering for all site workers, particularly management based on site. We are able to stock internal kitchens with produce including hot drinks and standard staples so they have access early morning and late afternoon when it might be the only time these workers have opportunity to break due to working patterns & shift work.

Vending Solutions

For those workers in a rush or not wanting canteen services we will provide a selection of hot cold vending solutions of the snack / drinks variety. We only use sustainable ingredients including Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade, our machines have energy saving technology and we can even recycle our cups!


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