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Site KPI Reporting

Our systems are built with construction programs in mind. Reliable data capture is at the heart of every system we design and install.

Specialising in rugged environments since 1998, HardHat is able to tailor a bespoke package that suits the site location & dynamics required. HardHat will work with you to ensure we have the full facts to ensure you a commercially viable solution that monitors the behaviour of workers and assist you with social, environmental & sustainability values.

Our software package can administrate access control, time and attendance, cscs card expiry, local labour, CO2 reporting and a whole lot more.

Using our systems has enabled our clients to achieve a:

  • 7% reduction in material theft
  • 3% reduction in labour costs all tailgating & buddy punching were eliminated
  • 20% increase in labour agency productivity
  • 100% compliance to health & safety directives.

All of our systems are designed to ensure smooth operations for all users focusing on safety and efficiency.

All systems have networking capacity allowing for a multi site environment allowing clients to compile reporting offsite.

Co2 Reporting
Co2 Reporting
Time & Attendance
Time & Attendance
Fire Roll Call
Fire Roll Call
CSCS Intergrated
CSCS Intergrated

CSCS Card Scanner – Pre Enrolment Tool  

Our Pre-Enrolment scanner enables you to scan any CSCS card when workers arrive on site and drastically reduces time for induction. Log in details can be forwarded to enable workers to populate personnel information and reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct onsite induction for workers and managers.

If you are having issues with workers presenting fake cards our CSCS card scanner will help to identify this by using both contactless RFID and chip based CSCS card scanning. Our unique interface with the CSCS register allows to detect clone cards therefore denying access to un-inducted personnel.

Biometric Access Control

HardHat are an approved IEVO installer

Our biometric systems give you a fast, reliable and cost effective access control solution for your construction sites security. Using one of the most reliable fingerprint readers available the system is able to store up to 20’000 users on a single installation, removing the problem of purchasing and distributing cards or fobs which may be lost or shared by users. The security system is designed specifically for the construction industry and has been tested in environments where dusty, dirty or worn fingerprints will be commonly found. We provide everything you need including a separate reader for induction purposes, allowing you to log new users without slowing down staff on site.

We use readers that are tried and tested. Having experienced first-hand the short falls of existing biometric technologies, collectively the team decided to produce their own biometric fingerprint reader that would surpass competitors still trading on the market today.

Designed with the construction environment in mind the system boasts a durable ergonomic casing, unrivalled reliability in reading prints, plus a robust exterior which virtually eliminates your need to worry about vandalism, spoof fingerprints or rejection rates because of harsh environments.

The system can be upgraded to log staff details and also track CSCS expiry dates, automatically refusing those not permitted or qualified to work on site, aiding in health and safety conformity for insurance purposes. Recording in real time the system can also provide accurate role calls following any incidents on construction site where evacuation is required.

Turnstile Access Control

Access Control specially designed for security on construction sites.

Our bespoke cabins deliver the highest levels of site security for construction sites and functionality. Provided as complete units they can be installed in a single day ensuring you receive the protection you need right from when you need it. We can install any of our access systems in the cabins and link these to a single galvanised turnstile for a secure single point entry and exit system. The cabin can also be locked when not in use completely closing all access points to the construction site increasing security.

We hire the units as complete packages with no hidden costs. The cabin can be customised to your requirements including bespoke paintwork to both the interior and exterior of the unit. We install hand gel stations for cleanliness and also to improve the reliability of the sensors. The cabin access control can be used in conjunction with our comprehensive CCTV site management systems to provide the ultimate in security for construction sites and control. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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