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ARDHAT has been nurturing a business relationship with Morgan Sindall for over 10 years. We have been lucky enough to work with them on numerous occasions but we understand we are only as good as our last shift.

At contract enquiry stage we were able to show a service offering which appealed to the site team commercially, operationally and compliance wise that we were the right choice to deliver this educational facility. Our multi service approach allows Morgan Sindall to increase accountability from one supplier and save them cost at procurement stage in time & money.

The result in 2015 has made us the preferred choice for the North West regional office particularly the gatehouse & software which is now on 85% of their sites and give Morgan Sindall the ability to network the data for further analysis in areas such as environmental & sustainability.

Morgan Sindall identified the use of the Gatehouse KPI software as critical to the administrative savings of their programmes.

We were able to save the site managers time in compiling compliance reports such as local labour monitoring, CSCS expiry and CO2 reporting.  Other reports that were required for Wirral College purposes were apprentice reporting & local pound. These all allowed Morgan Sindall to show what a positive affect they were having in the local community.

As the project was based on a busy road our day personnel had the responsibility of keeping the roads free of congestion and getting deliveries on and of the site safely. Our gateman are all trained in traffic management, fire aid & fire marshalling and are local to the site which helped Morgan Sindall in community relations

Since 2001 HARDHAT has been adding to its database of operatives are we able to ensure we get the selection process right when choosing the right operative for the position. Every 6 months we assess the skill sets of our operatives and the assignment they are managing to ensure we deliver on the challenges presented by our clients brief.

Futhermore through penetrative testing via an external auditor we test the knowledge to ensure the right reaction takes place.

We were very satisfied with the service provided by HardHat and have nothing but praise for the workforce along with the systems provided – Seamus McGovern Site Manager

At the heart of this control is the management of time, to ensure operatives are delivering the hours that MS has booked for. Operatives book on/off so no unauthorised billing can occur.  We have achieved the budget spend on all services delivered. Our operatives have been recognised by site team for the contribution to site via Employee of Month at least twice.

The site was put onto independent schedule for monthly inspections to ensure the objectives of Morgan Sindall were being complied with.  The auditor rate this site as “excellence” on every report, the auditor picked out the daily inspections from the cleaning & security supervisors showed the agreed KPIs were being meet, these included cleanliness of site to the security officers doing regular patrols and recording their findings, RAMS were updated monthly and signed by the operative.

We have been incident free for another year meaning we have now been claims free for 90 months since August 2008.

Our operatives have become more experienced and are in demand and will transfer to new programs”

Our organisational DNA is SLIDE………Service, Loyalty, Integrity, Deliver, Ethics

Everybody onsite/offsite has been true to these values and we continue to strengthen the measurement of them.


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HARDHAT  MD commented that “This was another project delivered on time / on budget / client very happy and our reputation grows.

From design to deliveryHARDHAT  are able to oversea the program and release the project team to focus on building matters rather that non-critical services we manage.

As we are a 24/7 operator our after sales service is the envy of our competitors as we are able to deal with service matters as they happen. If you think we may be able to help you on a future project please get in touch.

Our project management team are available on

0845 6071966 or email us at info@hhls.co.uk

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10,000 hours incident free
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Morgan Sindall are a pleasure to work for. Not only do we support Morgan Sindall but the site team also help us do our work effectively. Ross Ferguson MD HARDHAT
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